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Catdoll News:

1.Merry Christmas! Full silicone doll can be pre-ordered now! 

2.Discount price on silicone doll for first coming 20 customers.It will take about 2months for delivery.

3.There are some warehouses in USA now!We will use special line for USA customers from now on.Most dolls will be shipped to warehouse in CA or in other states after custom clearance. Then UPS /Fedex will pick them up for delivery.No custom issue and free tax. Shipping will take about 10-15days.

Dear catdoll lovers:

You must note that there are some pictures taken by customers show on our website now.

Here is a good news for all customers:If you like to take doll pictures and share with others, you can email your pictures to Kitty. We will pick some pictures marked with catdoll logo to show on our stores. And we will offer a doll head for gifts. If you like catdoll,you can try to take high quality and no PS doll pictures. You maybe the next lucky one!




Thanks for coming!Any questions or suggestions pls feel free to email Kitty at [email protected] 




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