CATDOLL 155CM Jo Full Silicone Material


  • Eyes Color

    Eyebrow color

    Implanted hair color option(extra $200)

    Wigs options for head without implanted hair

    *Skin Color

    Nipple Color

    Labia Color




Doll feactures:

1.Full silicone with permanent,waterproof super makeup.(全硅胶全身永久,防水仿真喷涂)

2.Full joints finger skeleton,chest bone,os pelvicum,knee pan.(仿真全关节手指骨,胸腔骨骼,盆骨,膝盖骨)

3.Lighter weight.(减重设计)

4.Super real silicone head with implanted real hair.(蜡像级别超仿真硅胶头带植发)

Since silicone material is not soft and elastic as TPE material.Silicone doll is more art than a sex toy.Pls take care of your doll during using.We will to improve the material in the future.


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